Mitch and Victoria's Custom Carpathian

March 9, 2022, 5:20 p.m.

Mitch and Victoria created this beautiful, custom, 3-bedroom 38' Carpathian, with extra privacy features to ensure everyone has plenty of space! Come along with us and check out this incredible unit that's full of surprises. 

As you step into this XL Tiny Home, you’re sure to appreciate the beautiful herringbone privacy walls in the living area, accompanied by a 6 foot slide out for extra entertaining space! Your guests will never feel cramped in the Carpathian. There’s even a dog door for your furry friends! Gone are the days of standing outside, freezing in the dead of winter and begging your dog to come back inside. Now they can go in and out as they please, while you get to sit and relax in your warm, cozy Tiny Home.

To the right of the living area and down the hallway, the big privacy wall hides a 6’8 mid bathroom, which is true luxury on wheels. There’s a 46’ RV tub with duma shower walls, which you can fill with water as hot as you like - there is a tankless water heater, after all! Additionally, Mitch and Victoria opted for a stackable washer/dryer set that fits perfectly in this XL bathroom. Above the bathroom is also an additional storage loft, found in the adjacent gooseneck bedroom.

Continuing down the hall to the main bedroom, you’ll notice pull up storage stairs and a custom built door. This is fantastic for families - the Carpathian sleeps six, so privacy is a must in a small space. In the spacious bedroom, there is another 6’ slide out, closet, and that storage loft we mentioned. Bottom floor bedrooms are extremely popular in the Tiny House world - this is one of the most spacious ones we’ve ever built!

Going back out and into the kitchen, you’ll notice there is a full-sized refrigerator, perfect for big families, gatherings, or just skilled cooks! Complete with stainless steel finishes all throughout, this kitchen is bright, modern, and extremely functional. On the far right counter, there is also a folding table that can be used for romantic dinners, or a relaxing solo lunch while you catch up on a good read. It’s so easy to live large in a Tiny Home with a design like this!

Above the kitchen, you'll see a 9' sleeping loft with full height privacy doors. This Tiny Home is all about having personal space, even in such a bite-sized area. The way these rooms are all laid out, you really won't feel like you're crammed in an RV - because you aren't!

Finally, there is a rear 4’ bedroom with a 6’ slide out and built in bunk bed system. Perfect for children, but spacious enough to be used for another purpose!

This model shown with upgrades sold for $90k in early 2020, but for the latest pricing information, please visit the Carpathian Page.

What did you think of this incredible, versatile unit? We hope you enjoyed it as much as Mitch and Victoria do.

Do your dreams involve an XL Tiny Home like this one?