Francois' Airbnb Clear Creek

Oct. 16, 2021, 1:20 p.m.

This sleek and modern Clear Creek model is owned by Francois, who is using it as an Airbnb! The lucky guests who will stay here will be impressed by its beautiful exterior, with the bright door and metallic roof making this Tiny Home really stand out. Inside boasts an airy, open layout that is unique to our popular Clear Creek model.

Tiny Idahomes' builds are perfect in every season, as they are extremely well-insulated by default with blown in Fiberglass Batt insulation. We also install a 9,000 BTU mini-split in just about every build, so whether you are an Airbnb owner or this is your personal Tiny, you and your guests will experience only the best of comfort and temperature control! 
The living area is perfect for relaxing at the end of a day’s adventure with a good book and a cup of tea, which can be made just a few steps away in the fully-equipped kitchen. This space is incredibly versatile, so imagine to your heart's content! Do you want to have a gaming setup for late night speedruns? How about a beautiful, well-stocked library with the most comfortable yet sophisticated recliner you can find? There's even room if you want space to work out! The possibilities are truly endless, even in a space this small!

You and your guests can channel their inner Chef Ramsay in this stunning galley kitchen. The first thing that strikes the eye is the unique, custom ordered backsplash. The beauty of having us build your Tiny Home is that not only do we allow you to customize, we cherish being part of the design process and will encourage your creative side to flourish. Cleaning has never been easier with a hardy, but still beautiful, surface like the Corian countertops.
This kitchen is truly fully functional with a stainless steel range, microwave, and 9 cu ft refrigerator. You can't miss the plethora of cabinet space, perfect for storing your smaller appliances and dinnerware. When you're done cooking, take a seat at the fold-out table and enjoy the meal you prepared with so much love! The 24" single basin stainless sink is just deep enough to prevent splashes when washing dishes, and the spring-style faucet not only provides style, but plenty of extra room as well.

Complete with a full 4' bathroom, this Tiny will be perfect for your retreat! Store extra linens in the custom built 24" closet, which is such a must-have in a small space. Between the one piece shower, sink, and composting toilet, all your needs are met in a compact space that doesn't feel tiny!

With one 9' loft perfect for a bedroom, it allows this home to have all the space you could want, delicately pieced together in a compact 24’ model. You can fit practically any size bed in here, even with some room for luggage or clothing storage. The safety wall also provides a measure of privacy without closing the space off and making it feel cramped.

We hope you get to stay in Francois’ beautiful Airbnb in the near future! It’s a great way to try out Tiny living before you make the plunge to purchase one of your own. It’s also a great investment, as many people are interested in the Tiny House movement and would love to give it a shot.

This particular unit sold for $58,281.00 in early 2020. Please visit the Clear Creek page for the latest pricing information. 

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