4 Years in a Tiny Home - Part 1

Dec. 30, 2022, 3:19 a.m.

Do you ever wonder what it’s really like to the take the journey of building and getting used to your own Tiny Home? We’re so excited to share the first chapter in a personal view into that process. Here is part one of our blog series "4 Years in a Tiny Home", written by one of our very own customers.

"I was 16 when I saw a Tiny Home for the very first time. Lounging in my bedroom, I was scrolling through Pinterest when I really should have been doing school. Decorating my future apartment was my current hyperfixation, so I was pinning all kinds of ideas to my “Future Home” board. I dreamed of moving to Paris for a year or so, squeezing myself in an adorable micro-apartment, and living my dream life abroad. Decorating and making my apartment feel like a true home was always important to me, because I wanted my whole space to speak to me the way my room did. Color schemes, organization ideas, decoration techniques, and quirky touches such as paw shaped measuring spoons flooded my feed. I was dreaming of an idyllic little Parisian place; bright and cheerful, but still full of the personal touches that made up my personality. 

As I scrolled, I stumbled upon what looked like a teeny-tiny home on wheels. Curious, I clicked. “Tiny House on Wheels”, the Pin read. Even though it’s fairly self explanatory, my curiosity was piqued and I scrolled down to the “similar to this post” section. There it was - the amenities of an entire home squeezed into a quaint little space; but it wasn’t an apartment. No, it was better; it was on wheels, ready to go whenever its owner was. I was absolutely enthralled. Something about it spoke to me in a way I couldn’t describe, as if this was exactly what I had been looking for but had never had the words to describe it. A place like this would be the perfect home base in between stints of living abroad. 

Researching Tiny Homes was my next hyperfixation. I wanted to know everything; where can I park it? How much do they cost? What is it like to stay in one? How much are expenses in a structure that small? At the time, the Tiny Home movement was still so new. Tales of people simplifying to travel the country in a Tiny Home were so few and far between. I resolved to find the answer to my questions as I inched closer to adulthood. For years, I researched, planned, and announced my ideas to my friends and family, who all thought I was a little nutty for wanting to shed the traditional “white picket fence” lifestyle my hometown was known for. 

My plan as a 16-17 year old (that knew very little of the real world) was as follows; build a Tiny Home of my very own in a storage unit, corralling the help of my dad and other friends that could offer their various trades if I got stuck or needed a helping hand. I wanted to do it myself, using recycled wood and scrap materials to build a quirky Tiny Home that reflected my values. I had plans of commissioning my artist friend to paint the inside of a sink, hiring my best friend’s dad to install my countertops, and my father to do the electrical. I made a mental checklist of all the things that would need done, and binge watched YouTube videos on how to complete various installations and renovations.

My father has always been extremely knowledgeable, and has the best practical skills of anyone I have ever known. I talked to my dad about my dream and asked if he would help me. My dad has always supported my hopes and dreams, no matter how outlandish they may have sounded to an adult with a fully grown frontal cortex. As great as my dad was of helping me visualize grand ideas, my mom’s role was equally important; keeping my feet on the ground and helping me be realistic. As usual, my parents listened to my ideas and encouraged me to go for it. They knew it would be much harder than I realized at the time, but my father especially always fanned the fire of my ambitions, since he knew I was capable of whatever I set my mind to. 

With my parents' approval under my belt, I set my sights on my next dream: building a Tiny Home."