Ella's Gypsy Style Pioneer

Oct. 29, 2020, 10:31 a.m.

This Gypsy style 26’ Pioneer Tiny Home for Ella is one of our most unique and classic build styles! Bright interior colors paired with natural pine really bring personality to this gorgeous home. One of the most unique features of this home is the entrance - not only is the door positioned on the rear of the tiny home, but the door has a window that swings open for extra air flow and sunshine! There is also a small covered deck, which is perfect for keeping dry in heavy rain while she unlocks her door.  

Ella chose a loft bedroom, complete with stairs that have built in storage. This 9' sleeping loft is perfect for a queen or even a king size bed, so you have ample space to curl up under the blankets and get a perfect night of rest. 

Additionally, she has a beautiful mid kitchen that is well equipped for any cooking venture she would like to take on. The 24” deep, single basin drop in sink will hold large pots and pans after making a meal fit for the whole family! The 9 cu ft refrigerator is plenty spacious for Ella and any other guests she may have over. The beauitful toasted antique cabinets add that touch of a traditional home that is so necessary when you go Tiny. Cleanup is a breeze with the wilsonart laminate countertops! Who doesn't love a low-fuss cooking surface?

Just when you think this home couldn't be more unique, her jetted bathtub is a true testament to the individuality of this home. Duma shower walls and a custom barn door complement the luxury of this bathroom! What a perfect place to relax. Ella also opted for a mirrored medicine cabinet above a sink with a storage cabinet. 

The payload capacity of this unit is 3,160 Kg (6,960 lbs), and the trailer weight is 4,150 kg (9,140 lbs). This model as shown was $55,965 in spring of 2020. Please see the Pioneer page for the most current pricing information. We hope you enjoyed this model and that it inspired you to customize in ways you never thought possible!

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