The Sawtooth Model


Toy Hauler Tiny Home

The Sawtooth is our tiny Toy Hauler model! If you're the extra adventurous sort that needs a Tiny Home that can bring your toys with you, keep reading. This unique style of home opens up a world of possibilities, and is perfect for those who love large bedrooms. The gooseneck provides ample space that is incredibly versatile, as the room can serve a number of functions depending on your need, such as for sleeping, hobbies, or storage. The 6' slide-out makes the Sawtooth extra roomy for when you have company to host after a long day of adventures!

The split bathroom is great for freshening up after being outside all day, and there's a LOT of cabinet space in the kitchen. If you brought along hungry kiddos, you know how important it is to have lots of room for snacks! If you're someone who values comfort, fun, and praticality, this is a wonderful choice for you. Load up your family and toys and hit the road!

$78,095.00Base Price
13,500 LbsDry Weight


The Sawtooth is specially crafted to be the perfect vessel for recreation and provide a homey place to rest.

Mid kitchen with upper and lower cabinets
Front bedroom with 6’ slide out and built-in storage cabinet
Large mid split bathroom
Rear 12-volt bed lift system
Rear fold-down ramp door
35' Gooseneck style trailer
Sleeps 4
Perfect for outdoorsy families